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Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Always Sunny is All About Transparency

Always Sunny Solar was founded by Matthew Gonzales and Morgan James after seeing some aspects of the solar industry that just rubbed them the wrong way. Specifically, Morgan was working in the industry and saw that things weren’t always ethical—it was common to see promises made to both employees and customers that were not kept. Customers would sign on the dotted line for one thing and get something else entirely. 

So, Morgan joined forces with his brother-in-law, Matthew, a digital marketer with experience building businesses. Together, they decided to devise a different way of doing solar.

As solar brokers, Always Sunny Solar is able to do solar sales in the ethical way Morgan knew was often missing in the industry. We’re able to pair customers with trusted installers and transparent financing—a win, win, win!

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Meet Matthew Gonzales | CEO & Founder

Matthew has a background in digital marketing and a passion for serving Albuquerque businesses. But after a decade in the marketing space, he was eager to find a way to have a larger impact on his community and the world. Because of his relationship with his brother-in-law, Morgan, solar seemed like the perfect fit. By starting Always Sunny Solar, Matthew was able to apply his marketing expertise to a field that helped people be more self-reliant, as well as have a smaller impact on the environment.

Meet Morgan James | VP of Sales

Morgan has worked in the solar industry in a variety of roles, from installer to sales. After seeing the behind-the-scenes of the industry, Morgan was inspired to do solar in a better way. By providing transparent sales on his end, Morgan knew there would be plenty of installers out there happy for the customers—a perfect symbiotic relationship.

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